Flooring Company In De Pere, WI

All you dream of is transforming your home with beautiful, high-quality flooring. However, you face the challenge of finding a reliable flooring store near De Pere that can meet your exact standards. The struggle leaves you frustrated, feelings no homeowner should bear when improving their living space.


Enter Badger State Flooring, based in Green Bay, but extending our services and products to your location in De Pere, WI. We aim to facilitate supplying De Pere residents like you with high-quality and personalized flooring options. 


Unique Flooring Services & Unmatched Quality Await

Hardwood Flooring 

While our store is situated in Green Bay, we’re delighted to extend our exceptional hardwood flooring services to De Pere. We have the variety to match your style and quality that’s second to none. Imagine walking into a flooring store near De Pere and being greeted by a lot of options, each one as inviting as the next. That’s what it feels like at Badger State Flooring. We put you, the homeowner, at the forefront. 

Carpet Installation

Nothing spells comfort like a plush, well-installed carpet. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with our carpet installation service. We’re not just another flooring company; we’re a team dedicated to improving your living space and making it as cozy and inviting as possible.

Vinyl Flooring – Durability Meets Style

As you’re looking for a flooring solution that’s stylish, durable, and easy to maintain, our vinyl flooring service is just the ticket. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from with a wide range of designs and finishes available.

But don’t worry, our friendly staff can walk you through our showroom in Green Bay. They will guide you through the selection process, guaranteeing you get a floor that not only looks good but also stands up to the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

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Flooring Store in De Pere, WI

Here’s How You Can Access Our Flooring Solutions

  1. Visit our showroom near De Pere to explore our diverse range of flooring options. 
  2. Consult with our experts to choose the best flooring material and design that suits your needs and lifestyle. 
  3. Schedule an installation date and watch as we transform your home with our top-notch flooring services.


Choose Badger State Flooring For Your De Pere Needs

Choosing to partner with a reputable flooring company can make the process much smoother. We’re dedicated to improving the experiences of homeowners who may have encountered challenges, and strive to provide the best flooring services in De Pere and the surrounding areas. We are more than just a flooring company. 

We are your partners in making your dream home come true, minus the stress. Our unique services, unmatched quality, and approach make us the premier choice for all your De Pere flooring needs. So why wait? Step into our store and start your flooring transformation journey today.

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