Hardwood Flooring in Green Bay

Natural hardwood floors are a gorgeous choice for any home. There are two types of wood floors: solid and engineered. Solid wood floors consist of planks that are cut from one solid piece of wood, while engineered wood floor planks are created by adhering layers of wood together. Both can be used to great effect to give a home a luxurious look and feel. A few of the most popular woods used for hardwood flooring are oak, maple, walnut and ash.

Why homeowners love hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors instantly add value to a home
  • Large variety of colors, textures and details provide a unique look for every space
  • Can last for decades when cared for properly (no replacement costs!)
  • Easy to clean
  • Wood acts as an insulator to help keep a home warm
  • They promote healthy indoor air quality

Choose hardwood flooring to add natural warmth and elegance to a room. It’s especially great for living rooms, kitchens, formal dining spaces, and master bedrooms.

We offer hardwood from this popular brand: LW Mountain, Inc.